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In September, Germany’s Körber Foundation launched the “Zugabe rocket” kicking off a nomination process to identify social impact pioneers of 60+ for the Zugabe (“encore” in German) Social Entrepreneurship Prize. Ten finalists will be identified by April 2019 and three will be awarded 60,000 in June 2019. The launch brought together over 80 German social impact representatives, demographers, business professionals, academics, policymakers and civil society experts.

To support the launch, the Körber Foundation introduced findings from a survey on the social potential of the 50  to 75 year-olds in Germany. The data shows that people over the age of 50 are interested in socially relevant topics and are willing to start new programs. And, as Susanne Kutz, director of the Department of Age and Demography of the Körber Foundation said, they have the skills to found organizations: life experience, subject matter expertise, skills and time. But role models – like those who will be recognized through the Zugabe Prize – are needed.

The Körber team were thrilled to have Encore.org founder, Marc Freedman, in Hamburg to support the launch. He spoke about the aging opportunity and how we can make the most of the longevity revolution. He also spoke about the history of Encore.org’s Purpose Prize, on which the Zugabe Prize is modeled. The Prize should “set an example that it is never too late to take on social responsibility,” explained Kutz. In doing so, the Foundation follows the example of its founder, Kurt A. Körber, who was particularly interested in meaningful action for good aging.

For more information contact: Caroline Oxley, Körber Foundation

Published: October 10, 2018