Through its country liaison members, the Pass It On Network offers a worldwide peer-learning network for active aging. Led by Jan Hively and Moira Allan, they are older adults who believe that the work of elders is to “pass it on” – sharing our know-how with others, capitalizing on what works, and shaping positive expectations for meaningful work and learning lifelong.

The network offers a place where innovative leaders from around the world meet to explore, document, and spread creative concepts, activities, and resources that are shaping a new way of talking and a new way of being as we adapt to a longer life span. They help address the following important questions:

How can we be useful to ourselves, to each other and to our communities?
How can we remain independent and self-sufficient?
How can we keep on learning?

Where are we going to live in the long term?
Who will care for us if and when necessary?

The Pass It On Network is an accredited member of the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing.

The Pass It On challenge is to see what’s happening and apply what’s meaningful…. and to enjoy meeting new people from all over the world along the way.

The network offers programs under four  Pathways

  1. Ageing
  2. Community Support
  3. Work and Economic Security
  4. Lifelong Learning

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Published: September 2018