We’re approaching the midpoint of our 10th Anniversary year.  Yes, for the past ten years, Encore Network has been connecting and supporting individuals and organizations engaged in transforming the encore stage of life and we have a lot to celebrate.

Last month we held a program designed to envision our future – the future of Encore Network and more broadly, the encore movement.  Janine Vanderburg led us through this process to some very exciting outcomes.  Participants offered up many wonderful ideas ranging from building diversity to funding to collective activism.

So what’s the takeaway from this effort?  Our members are committed to building the encore movement and believe that Encore Network should lead the way.  And lead we shall!

Here are some key areas that were identified to help us achieve our goals:

  • Building a diverse Network will generate more great ideas and the resources to move those ideas forward.
  • Providing more opportunities for our members to learn from each other through programs, affinity groups, and member to member interactions is essential to building a cohesive force focused on engaging older adults.
  • Members, and collectively the Network, must become sustainable if we are to build a broader coalition that can impact all the ways older adults can make a difference.

What are you ideas about the future and how can you help?

Get involved with the Encore Network.  As an all-volunteer organization, we need more leaders to offer their time and expertise to build the movement.  Contact the following committee leaders and bring your skills to move us all forward.

Thank you for being a member of Encore Network.  You inspire the work we all do to transform the encore stage of life!