UNH’s Institute for Empowered Aging develops innovative practices, advocacy campaigns, research and tools that promote neighborhood resources to empower older people, position them as community builders, catalysts, and change agents for the greater good.

This approach invests later life with meaning and purpose, and holds up older people as a skilled and valued resource for communities everywhere. It is designed to empower older people to drive change in their communities, as well as changing the narrative about what it means to be an older person in America. The Institute accomplishes its work by:

  • Training staff and older people about the values and principles underlying the Institute, including how to mobilize and support older people through the formation of self-directed project teams that identify and address important issues in their community.
  • Identifying new partnerships that provide pathways for older people to apply their skills and interests for the benefit of others.
  • Organizing older people as ambassadors and advocates working to extend the Institute’s ideas and approaches into communities everywhere.

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