The Age of No Retirement (TAONR) is the world’s leading authority on intergenerational thinking.  It is part movement, part design lab, part network, part storyteller, part collaborator. TAONR is  a driving force for social change – committed to creating a world where our age does not define how we see ourselves or how other people should see us.

TAONR defines its vision as follows.

Our vision is for a world where our age does not define us, or the opportunities available to us — whether we are 1 or 101 and all the ages in between.

We are successfully building the ‘business case’ of an age-neutral, intergenerational, and ultimately united, society. The divide between the young and the old reinforces age and ageing being an issue. Instead, we focus on the opportunities that longer lives offer all of us. We concentrate on what we share in common across all ages, and create new solutions to everyone’s benefit — for citizens, workers and businesses.

We adopt age-inclusive, open-innovation design processes.​ ​We conduct inclusive, human-centred research.​ ​And, we develop new strategies and solutions to help businesses as well as communities realise the benefits of an age-inclusive way of thinking and intergenerational action.

The future is people-centric and post demographic, in other words, age-neutral and intergenerational. Get in touch to find out more on how we are helping business leaders, community leaders, citizens and workers see the real social and economic benefit of older + younger. ​ ​

Contact: Jonathan Collie, Co-founder

Published: September 2018