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We intend to represent a variety of original content, geographies, subject, and voices. We will not post programs that are self-promotional or costly.


NOTE:  Submitting your program to be listed on the Encore Network website and through our communication channels is a member benefit.  

Deadlines for submissions

Submit events AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance of the event, to allow sufficient time for admin to process the posting on the  website

Your event will be included in the Encore Network Program Newsletter if it is submitted by the following deadlines each month

Submission Deadline

Publication Date

September 13

September 28

October 11

October 26

November 15

November 30

December 13

January 4

January 10

January 25

February 7

February 22


March 29

April 11

April 26

May 9

May 24

June 13

June 28