Launched in 2016, Seoul50Plus Foundation is a bold program to engage adults age 50 to 64 endorsed by Seoul mayor, Park Won-Soon. Set up to address the challenges of an aging society, Seoul50+ aims to present a new image that transcends all generations. Its mission is to create “a new life vision for Seoul’s 50 plus generation” and to “translate personal experiences of 50+ to social good”.

The comprehensive 50+ Assistance Plan offers learning and development, work and social engagements and a new culture and support infrastructure for the 50+ age group. Services offer one-to-one counselling, courses, cultural activities, meeting spaces and an encore career program designed to help people transition to new, paid social jobs.

50+ Campuses offer a platform for life transition at 50+. The activities take place on purpose-built campuses with first-class facilities and local activity centers supported by talented staff. By 2020 Seoul 50+ Foundation expects to have 6 campuses and support 19 50+ centers in Seoul.

Contact: Aileen Jung

Published: August 2018