Credit: Smith Patrick 2018

Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful tool in expanding our programs and reaching new audiences. At the Encore Summit, many members benefitted from our social media “doctors” and committed to blending encore ideas into your communications. Two followups to keep that momentum going:

Twitter connections: For our 70+ members using Twitter, is following you already – see our Encore Network list. To get our attention, use #encoreorg or #gengen in your tweets. Looking for kindred spirits? Check out Encore’s lists including Influencers, Encore Network members and Encore Public Voices Fellows. Want us to add your Twitter handle to our lists? Contact team member Duncan Magidson here.

Facebook group launch: We’re always looking for ways to connect you with other members, share your news and make your membership more valuable. This winter, we’ll launch a Facebook group that puts more power in your hands. We’re well-aware of Facebook’s corporate citizenship lapses and privacy violations, but we believe a Facebook Group offers benefits that outweigh the concerns.

This short survey invites you to tell us what will make the group valuable, and to be part of the launch. If you’re anti-Facebook or just don’t use it, we want to hear that, too. Thanks for your comments and please respond by February 14.

Published: February 12, 2019