During these uncertain times, nonprofit organization leaders need the capacity building that seasoned Encore Fellows have always provided, and flexibility in the length of Encore Fellowships, costs, and virtual/remote locations. To meet those needs, Encore.org has created new Fellowship formats, offering 250 and 500 hour fellowships, as well as the standard 1000 hours, with pro-rated stipends and discounts on program fees. As organizations will need staff to continue to physically distance for some time, Encore is also creating virtual Fellowships, drawing on the entire pool of Fellow applicants, regardless of where they are located, to find the skills that are most suitable for a host organization’s needs.

Skilled and experienced Encore Fellows can help you:

  • Take your in-person programs online
  • Revamp budgets
  • Identify staffing changes
  • Find new development sources
  • Recommend operational changes to support your new ways of working
  • And fill other critical functions

The Fellowships team has a rich pipeline of experienced talent eager to become an Encore Fellow. Read about Encore Fellows making a difference during Covid 19:

Get in-depth information for host organizations here.

For more information, contact: Encore.org VP Jim Emerman here.

Published: May 26, 2020