A national nonprofit that operates in Baltimore, South Florida, Milwaukee, Newark, New York City, Westchester County and San Francisco, ReServe matches professionals age 55+ (ReServists) with organizations that need their expertise.

ReServe partners with nonprofit organizations, public institutions and government agencies to help them tap into a lifetime of experience to fill crucial staffing gaps at affordable rates. ReServists put their professional expertise to work on part-time service projects, in exchange for a modest hourly stipend.

ReServists provide direct services, administrative support, and capacity-building expertise in schools, social service agencies, cultural institutions, and public agencies. Many use their experience with ReServe to launch new careers in the nonprofit sector. They come from all walks of life, and include marketing managers, social workers, artists, administrative assistants, HR professionals, and financial analysts, as well as people who have worked at all levels in health care, banking, advertising, education and government.

In 2016, ReServe celebrated its 10th anniversary and has ambitious plans for the next ten years. According to ReServe’s Director, Laura Traynor, “our statistics show our impact: 2,200 placements with 850 nonprofit and government partners, amounting to 2 million hours of service. Looking ahead, we’ve set lofty goals. In the next 10 years, we want to make 10,000 placements and we’re looking to expand beyond our East Coast footprint.”

ReServe is supported by private and public grants and individual donations. The ReServist stipend is paid by the employers, who also pay a small program fee.

ReServe® is a subsidiary of Fedcap®.

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