The Encore Network’s July 6 webinar presented the Framework’s Institute’s research on public understanding of aging, effective “frames” to shift those perceptions and’s plans to incorporate those frames in our communications. Many thanks to Frameworks Institute CEO Nat Kendall-Taylor, Senior Researcher Moira O’Neil and communications lead Marci Alboher for bringing this wealth of material to life.

The materials offer a unique opportunity to join our diverse voices in powerful, consistent communications. Stay tuned for followups as refines its messaging and the Frameworks team builds out the toolkit.




Followup conversations. This link takes you to notes from post-webinar sessions with 20 encore leaders. Headlines from the notes:

As a next step, the Encore team will  provide feedback to Frameworks team and funders and share responses. (Topics are detailed in the notes.) Encore will also share its updated messaging by year-end, including further inclusion of Frameworks themes and stronger calls to action. 

Takeaways from our discussions

  • Terminology: “senior” isn’t well-received. is using “extended midlife,” “experienced talent,” “older adults” and age-related terms like “50+”. Other programs refer to “experienced adults” (Experience Matters), “accomplished professionals” or “proven leaders” (Leadership Western Connecticut).
  • Tufts Health Foundation has gotten positive responses with anti-ageism Facebook posts (examples included in the notes, or contact Alrie Daniels. 
  • Colorado Encore Network meetups are attracting large audiences of encore seekers who want to connect and learn about volunteering, advocacy, work opportunities, entrepreneurship and continuing education. Contact Janine Vanderburg. 

Slides, recording, related Reframing Aging materials. Here’s a link to the introductory slides, plus Marci Alboher’s communication overview. This link takes you to the Frameworks slides; please contact Betsy Werley if you want a link to the session recording. Feel free to share these materials with your colleagues.

Frameworks resources. These links take you to the full set of Reframing Aging materials:
Gaining Momentum: a FrameWorks Communications Toolkit, the most recent materials including a video overview, sample communications for blog posts, Facebook and Twitter, “reframe cards”, and the research base for the recommendations.
Frame Brief: Framing Strategies to Advance Aging and Address Ageism as Policy Issues, applying the frames to policy implications
Aging, Agency, and Attribution of Responsibility: Shifting Public Discourse About Older Adults,focus on media representations of older adults
Gauging Aging: Mapping the Gaps between Experts and Public Understanding of Aging in America, the 2015 research overview
A bonus: ​Nat Kendall-Taylor’s TEDX talk How Words Change Minds – The Science of Framing.

Posted: August 23, 2017

Contact: Betsy Werley, Encore Network lead