If you work with individuals exploring “what’s next” the Encore Network now offers a new way to connect and find resources: our just-launched affinity group. Read hightlights from our first meeting below, and let me know if you want to join us.  Not a member? Sign up here. Members, read the full version with links here.

Background: Almost 70 members support encore-seekers through coaching, workshops, entrepreneurship training, higher ed programs, online resources, books and in-person communities; we realized it was time to bring that group together and define how the Network can enhance your work. More than 30 members participated in our August kickoff, from the US, Canada and South Africa. A planning team will organize our October meeting and future quarterly get-togethers.

  • Bring members together in smaller, topic-specific groups as well as larger groups. Small group topics of most interest: funding your encore program, resources for those doing one-to-one coaching, curriculum for entrepreneurship programs…and additional topics from our member survey results.
  • Opportunities and potential projects
    • White paper on obstacles to encore work – Ruth Wooden, founder of the Union Theological Seminary’s Encore Transition Program, is interested in developing a white paper on obstacles to encore work. She’s also happy to share her curriculum with other seminaries interested in launching a program that combines later-life transitions and social justice work. 
    • Virtual coffee chats – Network member and uber-connector John Orian (Play at Creation, Calgary AB) has offered to organize coffee chats for the group. John, a veteran of this format, describes it as follows: One of the ideas suggested at our inaugural meeting was that we spend more time talking one-on-one, to get a better appreciation of what we are each doing. What if we could have a virtual coffee chat with another person? What might we learn from and about each other? For sure, we’d discover how we might be able to work together or be connected to others we should get to know.
    • 15 more minutes of fame – Samela Dingus, Las Vegas-based founder of Your Next Option, is launching a You Tube interview series. Contact her to learn more and tell her about your work.
    •  Resources

Contact: Betsy Werley, Encore Network lead

Published: August 22, 2019