In September we profiled Tripido, an innovative encore program based in the Netherlands. In late October, the team announced their first corporate pilot with Shell, a Fortune 100 energy company employing 93,000 workers worldwide. Twenty employees will join the program, working one day a week for an NGO and four days a week in their current job. Tripido’s founders and Shell will leverage their NGO connections to develop opportunities for these employees. As reported in Financieele Dagblat, a leading business publication, Shell officials view the program as a way to fight burnout among more senior employees. More to come as the pilot takes shape.

Our September introduction:

“Take advantage of your experience, follow your heart, improve society” is Tripido’s inspiring tagline. Founders Vincent Snijder and Leo Smitshoek met while working as senior technology leaders at financial services firm NN. When their positions were eliminated in early 2017, they were inspired by the encore idea to create Tripido, a program that engages employees, employers and the social sector for shared benefit. Several corporations are interested in offering the program to their employees, and the Tripido team expects to announce those partners soon.

The program allows employees to make a phased transition to social sector work or retirement, offering employers the opportunity to transfer knowledge, keep employees energized about their work and support their corporate social responsibility programs. Employees benefit from the opportunity to use their skills in a mission-driven organization and experience life outside the corporate environment. Social-sector organizations are clear beneficiaries, gaining access to skilled talent.

At this early stage, the Tripido program is still taking shape. In essence, it offers employees the opportunity to work one day a week in a social sector organization, while continuing to work for their current employer. Depending on the schedule, employees receive 80 or 90 percent of their current salaries.

Congratulations to Vincent and Leo on developing a new kind of encore program and engaging corporate support. They are also exploring collaborations with a local university to recruit interns and partner on research.

For more information: The website is in Dutch, so you’ll want to have Google Translate handy.

Published November 8, 2017