What is your organization’s mission?

Encore New Employment Options helps individuals over the age of 50 design and build new careers around the things that inspire them.

What are you most excited about regarding your organization’s programming this year? How will it shape your community or organization or both?

This year we launched our trademarked Encoreship® Program which includes paid internships that are highly coached allowing ‘interns” to work with select companies and test new career options in industries where they have no previous experience.

Also, the bulk of our programming is online, which allows us to engage members from across the US and in the U.K. Anyone, age 50 or older, from anywhere in the world, can participate by joining our Monday morning virtual programs. These programs are at no cost, though we do welcome a $5.00 donation from attendees. Information on topics and login instructions can be found on our website at www.EncoreNEO.org.

Those who wish to engage in the comprehensive career redesign process can acquire a membership for $25/month or $240/year. Membership gives access to several one-on-one coaching sessions and the ability to participate in our Mastermind Groups. More information can be found at EncoreNEO.org/Membership.

What is one special aspect, element, or hidden “talent” that you want our members to know about your organization?

The approaches we use to help participants design new careers come out of the Lean Startup and Design Thinking models pioneered by tech startups. Our primary framework for career design is the Personal Business Model Canvas as presented by Tim Clark in his book, Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career.

Once an initial career prototype is drafted, participants activate their new ideas through small-step testing and evaluation. To maintain momentum, they participate in six-person Mastermind groups where they receive ongoing feedback, suggestions, and support from their peers.