Life Planning Network’s mission is to educate, support and inspire positive aging professionals working to optimize lives, counter ageism and benefit society. Life Planning Network (LPN) is dedicated to shaping the future of aging through dialogue, information and expertise. It is the premier networking and professional development organization for life planners engaged in work with people over 50. Our members are from diverse disciplines and are devoted to helping those planning and transitioning to their next phase of life or seeking
to bring greater purpose, fulfillment and health to their lives, from beginning a new career to discovering housing options, from maintaining well-being and vitality to exploring future life chapters.

What are you most excited about regarding your organization’s programing this year?
Our 2021 programming inspired important organizational efforts, including: interactive intergenerational work with undergraduate students at Temple University in Philadelphia; the formation of a Circle of Elders, to extend and
deepen the inner work of aging – or soul work; an exciting new partnership with the Pass It On Network, which will provide LPN’s members with a global perspective as well as the opportunity to share knowledge and support other positive aging projects globally. We are excited about plans to produce a symposium in early 2022 on music and aging. A selected list of our 2021 programs includes:
 Next Avenue Managing Editor Rich Eisenberg on trends for 2021
 Anna Hall on the ingredients of her Purpose Equation
 Author Ashley Whillans on Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life
 LPN’s Philadelphia Chapter on its semester-long program, teaching positive aging to undergraduates at Temple University
 Connie Zweig on the transition in elderhood from “Role to Soul,” based on her new book, The Inner Work of Aging
 Carol Orsborn, leading an interactive session, based on the lessons of her new book, The Making of an Old Soul.

What is one special aspect, element or hidden ‘talent’ that you want our member to know about your organization?
The Life Planning Network’s secret sauce is a trifecta of experienced pioneers, thought leaders, and authors collaborating with warm collegiality to define, develop, and deploy best practices, latest research, and new ideas of optimizing the “pie of life” for all. It is strengthened by its unique eCommunity that allows one-click video conversations and provides a library of articles and videos. Having like-minded professionals working together with shared purpose and true affection is a rarity. Evidence its well-regarded Life Planning Network book, Live Smart After 50! The Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times, written by 32 members.

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