What trends are emerging as the Network expands past 100 members? New organizations – mostly for-profit – are launching programs and communities that support later-life transitions. This month I’m highlighting those new programs and reminding you about longstanding Network members that provide their own varieties of support.

Their work powers the encore movement by energizing new waves of experienced adults; the programs also offer resources for your own transition, as well as friends and family members. Many are interested in collaborating with coaches and authors –  get in touch if you spot a collaboration opportunity. 

New programs

Amava – Moving beyond career or parenting? Bay-Area based Amava invites encore stage adults to “Join us and stay…Active. Connected. Covered. Relevant.” The Amava Post, part newsletter, e-zine, blog, podcast offers advice, activity ideas and insights on issues.

The organization offers no-cost membership that includes discounts, a growing number of local events, an “activity concierge” and assessment tools.

Premium membership offers access to retirement coaches, and a health benefits checkup (initially available in California), particularly valuable for people under 65 transitioning to self-paid health insurance.

BoomalallyOffers a no-cost online “b-zine” featuring inspiring, informative and entertaining content that challenges readers to embrace life at 50 and beyond. Founder Deb Gaut is a St. Louis based speaker, trainer, consultant and author. If you’re a writer or photographer, check out the opportunities to share your work.

In case you were wondering (I was!), a boomalally is a person who marches to the beat of her own drum.

The Modern Elder Academy is the first school of its kind, created to help people in midlife to repurpose their knowledge and embrace their mastery, value, and the roles of wisdom keeper and seeker. Founder Chip Conley built a successful hotel chain, used that experience to turbo-charge Air BnB’s growth as an advisor to its 20-something founders and is the author of five books “at the intersection of psychology and business.”

Next for Me connects and inspires our generation to evolve post-50 life through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution. The leadership team includes Chip Conley, creator of the term “modern elder” and author of Wisdom@Work, The Making of a Modern Elder, to be published this fall. Founder Jeff Tidwell has deep experience launching online communities.

Next for Me publishes a weekly newsletter for 50+ audiences, plus podcasts and social media. Next for Me also hosts events across the country to discuss work and our communities.

Resilient Aging Lab offers resources for reimagining aging including workshops, online connections, networking and consulting. Its founders, Michael Pearn, Cynthia Scott, Clint Wilkins have impressive track records as psychologists, educators and authors of 20 books. They also offer a downloadable booklet on resilience, Wake Up – Tune Up – Stand Up.

The team’s philosophy: Aging is inevitable. Living well is a skillful adaptation supported by new ways of acting and community engagement.

Silver Fox Cluboffers an online and in-person platform for connecting boomer entrepreneurs with professionals who can help them grow their businesses, online learning, networking and services from a professional advisors. Its September 21 NYC summit will launch the program with panels on wellness, work, wisdom and wealth and a networking reception.  

Longer-standing programs

  • Conscious Elders Network is building a movement of older adults growing in consciousness and actively engaged in intergenerational social and economic justice action, environmental stewardship and governance. CEN offers a variety of workshops, starting with their foundational Conscious Elders offering.
  • Encore Discoverytargets the fast-growing demographic of adults who are asking “What’s next for me?” through intermediaries such as corporations, associations and other organizations. The Boston-based program’s nationally recognized workshops are models to prepare people for transitions from one life stage to another and for finding meaningful encore opportunities. Its e-books Thinking Beyond the Money and Discover Your Encore jumpstart the self-discovery process.
  • Life Planning Network Is a community of professionals from diverse disciplines dedicated to helping people redesign and navigate the second half of life. Its website provides a directory of professionals who can support individuals in transition either in-person or remotely. Members in four locations and a national chapter meet in person and virtually.
  • Refirement Network educates individuals 50+, corporations and other organizations to pursue alternatives to traditional retirement – including coaching, volunteer work, starting a second career, starting your own business, travel, learning new skills and enjoying family and friends. Based in South Africa, founder Lynda Smith and team offer workshops and coaching for organizations and individuals around the aging workforce, refirement communities and an online skills bank enabling employers to connect with the talent they need.
  • Renewment (formerly Project Renewment; their website is in transition) embraces the new lifestage for women, primarily through peer support groups, as well as through its seminal book: Project Renewment – the First Retirement Model for Professional Women by co-founders Helen Dennis and Bernice Bratter.
  • The Transition NetworkThe Transition Network is an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.Through small group interactions, programs and workshops, members in 13 chapters inspire and support each other to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.

In addition, many individual Network members support individuals in transition. Meet them here.

Published: July 25, 2018