Ways to Get Involved

Encore Network Committees:

Members are welcome to participate on an internal Encore Network Committee. These include:


Affinity Groups

Our five member-led affinity groups are motivated by shared interest and commitment to a topic. They are grassroots initiatives and are limited to our current members.

  • Intergenerational – We share our experiences, learn together and advocate for effective ways of linking the generations. For more information or to join the group, contact Clint Wilkins.
  • Encore Entrepreneurship – We champion the opportunity for people over 50 to explore diverse paths to entrepreneurship, including starting a business. We do this by connecting the initiatives that support them, collaborating to ensure that useful information, tools and resources are widely available, and advocating for encore entrepreneurship. For more information or to join the group, contact Doug Dickson or Mary Cronin.
  • Starting & Sustaining an Encore Organization – We connect the leaders of organizations that champion the civic, social and economic contributions of older adults to offer shared support for starting, building and sustaining viable, stable and impactful initiatives. For more information or to join the group, contact Doug Dickson or Barb Richardson.
  • Advocacy – We work together to build broader support for policy and legislative changes that address ageism and advance opportunities for people over 50. For more information or to join the group, contact Janine Vanderburg or Doug Dickson.
  • Over-50 Employment – We share resources and promising practices, learn from each other, and work together to change attitudes, behaviors, policies, and other barriers to opportunities for older workers. For more information or to join the group, contact Tim Lybarger or Doug Dickson.



We offer programs for our members and prospective members that are relevant, impactful, inclusive, and have a call to action. We take the lead in developing webinars, affinity group topics, and special events to maintain a robust events portal.

  • Weekly Huddles – This is a new idea we’ll be launching in early 2024. Huddle-ups provide an ongoing, weekly opportunity for members to meet without a fixed agenda. Topics might relate to clients they are supporting, challenges they are facing, or trends and issues they are exploring. For more information or to join the group, contact Tim Lybarger.
  • Peer Coaching – We offer an opportunity for members to hold a structured conversation about a specific issue they are grappling with or exploring. The member outlines the topic and a panel of other members is selected based on their expertise related to the topic. The session begins with the member providing background information and requesting specific input. After clarifying questions and answers, the panel offers ideas, suggestions and feedback. The member then summarizes what they heard and identifies next steps. For more information or to join the group, contact Jim McGinley.
  • Coffee Chats – Coffee Chats are one-time conversations convened by members around a topic of their choosing. Typically, this is a chance for members to share information, promote a product, get input, or test an idea. A proposed topic and date are sent to our admin team, who confirms the availability of the date and time, posts the session on the Event Calendar, and sets up a Zoom link.