Korber Stiftung

Social change needs dialogue and understanding. With its operational projects, in its networks and together with cooperation partners, the The Körber Foundation addresses current challenges in three fields of action: innovation, international understanding and living civil society. Its work currently focuses on three topics: “New Life in Exile”, “Digital Literacy” and “The Value of Europe”.

Established in 1959 by the entrepreneur and initiator Kurt A. Körber, the Körber Foundation is nationally and internationally active today with its own projects, cooperations and events. Around EUR 18 million/year is available for the Foundation’s non-profit work.

Körber describes its encore aligned work: Demographic change offers the people in Germany a chance to live together in a new way. We are confident that higher life expectancies and increasing levels of diversity will open up new areas of action for us as individuals and at the societal level. Through our projects, events and publications, we motivate people to actively use these opportunities: we campaign for the potentials opened up by older age and longer lives, encourage people to accept responsibility and to commit to a highly integrative society. We see the community neighbourhood as a central site where diverse, inter-generational coexistence can succeed. This is exemplified by the House in the Park  “Haus im Park” in Hamburg-Bergedorf, which we have operated for 40 years. We aim to support everyone who contributes to the cohesion of our society.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Körber Foundation has launched an Encore Prize (Zugabe) which will be awarded in 2019.   It rewards social entrepreneurship in older age. Three senior social entrepreneurs aged 60plus who are implementing solutions to social challenges  will each receive 60,000 euros. READ MORE

Contact: Caroline Oxley, Program Manager

Published: September 2018