Mobilizing 1 million people over 50 to help young people thrive, launches a new five-year campaign – Generation to Generation – to unite all ages to create a better future.

Powered by and with a strong coalition of partner organizations, the Generation to Generation campaign will highlight opportunities for older adults to make a difference in the lives of young people, support innovative pilot programs, and demonstrate impact through sharing inspirational stories and best practices. It will shine the light on people and organizations already working across the generations and invite more to get involved.

Since the campaign launched on November 17, 2016, the Generation to Generation message has reached an estimated 10 million people through coverage in major publications including Forbes, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. released a national study on intergenerational relationships titled “Generation ‘War’? Survey Finds Few Takers,” the campaign website is drawing thousands of individuals interested in finding volunteer opportunities, the launch video has been viewed more than 25K times, and support on social media and in newsletters from partners and individuals

Generation to Generation will tell the stories of those already improving the lives of young people and will mobilize more adults 50+ to do the same through paid or volunteer roles. The campaign is working with a coalition of partner organizations who are already doing youth-focused work and could benefit from an infusion of experienced talent – organizations like Playworks, Jumpstart, the Boys & Girls Club of America, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Strive for College. Community-wide efforts to create intergenerational impact zones are planned in Los Angeles, San Jose, Boston, Seattle and elsewhere. As the campaign gathers steam, the list of partner organizations and communities will grow.

Learn more and join the campaign at: generation to generation