Future of Aging Program Series:

How Intersectionality Impacts Meaning and Purpose in Later Life

Watch the entire 90 min program OR specific chapters highlighted below!

Christina Matz Keynote: What Is Intesectionality and How Can We Apply It to Living a Life of Meaning

Kendra Jason Keynote: Racial Injustice at Work, COVID 19, and Policy Recommendations for Black Low Wage Workers

Rocio Calvo Keynote: Reimagining Meaning and Purpose in Later Life From an Intersectional Perspective

Cal Halvorsen Keynote: Increasing Diversity in Self Employment and Entrepreneurship in Later Life

Abigail Helsinger and Samuel Van Vleet Keynote: Strategies to Engage Adults in Education

Concluding Q&A Session Intersectionality Meaning and Purpose in Later Life Webinar