Money is the fuel for our work. It comes from many sources: donations, dues, grants, services and events. Encore Network members fund their programs in a variety of ways. Our first 2018 member-only on on webinar provided an opportunity to learn what’s worked and hasn’t worked from three member organizations.

We had a sizable audience and lively interaction for this January 17 webinar.  Speakers included development leads Catalan Conlon and Michelle Hynes on foundation funding,  Oasis Development Director Lyndsey Reichardt sharing insights on their national network and foundation, individual and corporate fundraising and Encore Boston Network board chair Doug Dickson on funding models for membership organizations, pro bono consulting and support for individual transitions.

Oasis runs nine full-service healthy aging programs and partners with 757 organizations in 40 cities; Development Director Lyndsey Reichardt will discuss Oasis’s portfolio of national and local funding sources. She’ll also share highlights of the training she provides to local program leads.  Encore Boston Network is a connector for more than 50 greater Boston programs, funded by membership dues and a couple of grants. Board chair Doug Dickson will review what’s worked and lessons from five+ years of funding efforts.

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Contact: Betsy Werley

Published: January 19, 2018