This new toolkit builds on a multi-year project to reframe communications about aging and older adults. Learn what doesn’t work and leverage a wealth of resources. Our next Network webinar will review the material and fill you in on the project’s next steps.

In 2015 a group of leading national aging organizations and funders engaged the Frameworks Institute in a research and communications project. Its goal: Build a better understanding of aging, ageism and what it will take to create a more age-integrated society, then deploy a broad-scale communications framework. That common perspective and consistent communications are a powerful force to change perceptions.

The toolkit includes foundational research, recommended ways to “frame” aging and a variety of materials to apply those insights, which are useful to anyone using  communications to make the case for adapting society to the needs of an aging population. Key themes include:

  • Redefine aging as a natural process, offering opportunities as well as challenges.
  • Highlight how social contexts and social policy influence aging; policy changes can improve individual outcomes.
  • Elevate awareness that ageism exists and can be addressed through sound policies and practices.
  • Create a sense of shared stake, public purpose and potential for improvement.

For more information, access the Communications Toolkit.

Our next Network webinar (date TBD) will provide an overview of the material and next steps for this work.