Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the steps to sign up and become a member?
A: Click on the “Join Now” button to reach our member sign-up site. You’ll select your membership option, provide information about your encore work and make a secure payment.

Q: Who are the Network members?
A: They’re organizations and individuals who view longer lives as a benefit for individuals and society, and who help people make the most of their longer lives. They include nonprofit, public sector and for-profit organizations and individuals. Read member descriptions for organizations and individuals to learn more.

Q: I’m interested in starting an encore program. Should I join now or wait until I’m farther along?
A: The Network offers exceptional value for early-stage organizations: access to a resource library and leaders who know what you’re going through. Join now to fast-forward your learning and connections.

Q: I’m looking for my own encore. Should I join the Network?
A: If you’re looking for support to launch your own encore, visit Encore.org’s Resources for Encore-Seekers. The Encore Network is a resource for people leading encore programs.

Q: How is the Network funded?
A: Encore.org’s foundation funding supports the Network’s expenses, including salaries, website costs and resources such as the Encore Talent Works toolkit. Over the next few years, Encore.org will continue to support the Network as we shift toward a broader funding base.

Q: Can I join at any time? How does the annual membership work?
A: Members can join at any time, and each membership expires at the end of the 12th month after the member joined the Network. For instance, a membership that started in September 2018 will be in effect through the end of September 2019.

Q: I’d like to join but can’t afford the membership. What are my options?
A: Special membership provisions may be available for organizations and individuals that can’t afford the full dues. We also welcome government agencies, even if they are not permitted to pay dues. Contact Network lead Betsy Werley to discuss special membership arrangements.


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