Encore Boston Network Presents – How to Succeed in the New World of Work, with Kerry Hannon and Marci Alboher

“Millions of jobs unlikely to come back, even after pandemic, economists warn.”

“Businesses are planning for a future of less business travel, more automation and more people working from home,” says a recent article in the Washington Post. What do changes like these mean for people over 50? According to Kerry Hannon and Marci Alboher, two of the nation’s foremost authorities on opportunities for older workers, there are steps we can take to make this market work for us. In her upcoming book, Kerry says that people over 50 can “take control of their professional and economic future with hope, confidence and optimism.”

In a fireside chat, Kerry and Marci will offer trends, tips and tactics about freelance and remote jobs, job search advice, self-employment and entrepreneurship, what’s next? from a work and financial security perspective, and finding work you love. They will also discuss how to find your place in the increasingly diverse and multigenerational workforce and the role that mentoring plays in this next stage of encore work.

Bring your questions & join in this conversation to make sense of the changes we’re all grappling with.

This is a fundraising event for Encore Boston Network and 100% of proceeds will support our ongoing programming which reaches hundreds of people each week. We appreciate your support which will advance our mission of helping people age 50+ to do good, feel good. and add value!

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