Encore Boston Network Presents: Social Connections–A Key to Staying Healthy and a Reason for Helping Others

Margie Lachman, Professor of Psychology at Brandeis, says that meaningful social connections are critical to continued good health as we age. As Director of the Lifespan Lab at the Boston Roybal Center for Active Lifestyle Interactions, she studies the factors that keep our minds and bodies healthy and contribute to longer life. The more we learn about social connections, the more we understand what an important role they play in our health. This is especially true in the COVID era, with many older adults at greater risk of isolationloneliness and depression.
In part one of our webinar, Dr. Lachman will help us understand what the research shows about the intricate links between social connection and health. She will also discuss why it is so important to find solutions that prevent the consequences of social isolation and loneliness.

In part two, we’ll learn about an innovative, peer-to-peer model for providing assistance to older people who are at risk of social isolation. You’ll hear from Josh Obeiter, Doug Peck, and members of Seniors Helping Seniors how this program not only helps others but how it can also help you stay socially connected and healthy while giving back and earning money.

Are you looking for meaningful part-time work built around your schedule? Seniors Helping Seniors may be what you’ve been looking for. No professional caregiving experience necessary, just the desire to help others. Training is provided and you will join a team that has been ranked a Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe for the past 3 years running.

Join us to learn the latest research on the epidemic of loneliness and its impact on our society as well as an innovative solution you can be part of.

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