Encore Boston Network Presents – Second Act Stories: So You Want to Be a Writer? Here’s How Marty Did It

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing the Great American Novel (or perhaps just a short story), this session is for you. Meet Marty Herman, author of the Will James Mystery series, to learn how he began a new career as a published writer. Everyone has at least one great story to tell.  No one can tell it better than you, especially if you lived it!  It is your legacy. For most of his professional career, Marty Herman was a business turnaround specialist. He would come into troubled companies, figure out what was wrong and implement a solution. And then he’d move on to the next company. But he always had a love of writing. And at the age of 75, with help and encouragement from his youngest daughter Aimee, he published his first mystery novel called “The Jefferson Files.” Since then he’s published five other mystery novels in this series. He’s also written a book of short stories, a biography of a local jazz musician, and a 500+ page historical novel about 10 generations of grifters, conmen (and women), liars, and cheats that begins with such an unusual love story you will not want to put it down. Marty loves writing. But he also loves talking about and selling his books. Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he attended 100+ book and craft fairs each year and estimates that he’s sold 18,000 of his books in this manner. Marty will be interviewed by Andy Levine, creator and host of the Second Act Stories podcast series.

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