Connecting Across Generations: Engaging Young People in the Encore Movement

As our country faces overwhelming problems and seemingly insurmountable divisions, it is more important than ever to bring older and younger generations together to forge bonds, solve problems, and bridge divides. Encore Network, in collaboration with, invites you to join us for a free 60-minute virtual program on Connecting Across Generations: Engaging Young People in the Encore Movement, Wednesday February 17, 2021, 9am PT / 12pm ET.*

Come hear from a multigenerational, multicultural panel of leaders and social innovators who will share how intergenerational collaboration can deepen your impact in the community, as well as tips for integrating younger generations into your encore work. You will also have a chance to connect in breakout groups to share your own experiences and brainstorm specific actions you can take to connect across generations in your personal and professional lives.

Jim McGinley is a connector with a focus on education equity. In addition to his work on Encore Network’s Program Committee and involvement in Seattle with’s Intergenerational Campaign, he is active with a number of nonprofit  organizations including Ashoka, Social Venture Partners, and Quest for Space.


Emily Merritt is Corporate Relations Manager at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. She was previously Director of Intergenerational Initiatives, bringing adults 50+ into the Alliance’s network of community-based organizations, and helping change the way our communities think about and utilize older adult talent.


Eunice Lin Nichols is obsessed with bringing older and younger generations together to solve society’s greatest challenges, creating a better future for all. She is Vice President of Innovation at and runs the Gen2Gen Innovation Fellowship.  Eunice has led a number of Encore’s signature programs, including the Gen2Gen CampaignThe Purpose Prize and Experience Corps Bay Area.

Gaby Li is a student at Stanford University, majoring in Human Biology. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing social isolation concerns, she founded Virtual Companions, a national nonprofit working to reduce loneliness by bringing generations together through conversation, service, and the arts.

Dr. Kitty Oliver is an author, oral historian, and media producer with a Ph.D. focusing on race and ethnic communication. She founded the Race and Change Oral Histories archive of 125 interviews on race and ethnic relations experiences of boomers across cultures. She is a 2020-21 Encore Public Voices Fellow.


Shanna Pittman-Frank is Director of Community Engagement at SAGE: Senior Advocates for Generational Equity, with over twenty years of expertise in the fields of age-friendly communities, coalition-building, and healthy aging. Previously, Shanna led She also designed and implemented Portland’s first Age-Friendly Business Awards.