New this month is a book on retirement and aging for older adults without children and those aging alone: Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers. The author, Sara Zeff Geber, is an Encore Network member who has been researching, writing, and speaking about Solo Aging for six years.

The book provides important information on housing choices, legal documents, financial security, maintaining good health, and building solid relationships and communities. It includes true inspiring stories of independent boomers who are navigating later life happily and successfully. Solo Agers require a plan, and this book provides the information and the template for that plan.

From Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers:

“In choosing not to be a parent, you helped write the story of those like us all over the world. As you crest midlife, you have another opportunity to be a pioneer. This time in the interest of having a safe and secure future as you move into your later decades.”

“Our social network is an area of life begging for a better strategy. Planning may seem counter-intuitive in this context, but knowing something about who will be part of our future is critical.”

“How do we prepare today for an uncertain tomorrow? With no adult children around to serve as a safety net underneath us, the sensible path for us is to make some decisions today while our bodies are still functioning adequately and our brains are still relatively sharp.”

Sara Zeff Geber is an author, speaker and certified retirement coach. She is the founder of LifeEncore, a retirement transition consultancy

Sara has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Behavior. She is an active member of the Life Planning Network (LPN), and is on the leadership team for the NorCal chapter of LPN.  She is also a member of The Transition Network, a national organization that supports women over 50 as they go through life’s journey. A Solo Ager herself, Sara is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and lives with her husband and their canine companion in Santa Rosa.

What others are saying:

“Sara Geber provides an excellent, comprehensive guide to aging and covers a wide variety of topics ranging from reinventing yourself to leaving a legacy to making wise long-term care choices. Readers will find her insights very helpful as they chart the second half of their lives.”

— Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor,

“When it comes to aging, you can’t count on your children, especially if you don’t have any.  But help is on the way. Sara Geber has given remarkable guidance in her book Solo Aging. You may be solo, but you’re not alone.  Don’t wait to read the book.”

— Harry R. Moody, Ph.D., Author, Retired Vice President for Academic Affairs, AARP