This month we’re celebrating a new Network program with Encore Howard County‘s official launch: an April 25 program hosted by a retired TV anchor, featuring a panel of residents talking about their varied encores. Congratulations to co-founders Elizabeth Mahler, Mary Thompson and Pat Sasse for activating their vision of older adults engaged in purposeful activities in this Maryland county situated between Baltimore and Washington DC. Co-sponsor Howard County Recreation and Parks Department has embraced encore programs, offering learning and exercise activities as well as intergenerational volunteer initiatives. Encore Howard County is also launching an encore book club to connect residents thinking about their own transitions.

The team plans to

  • build awareness of the longevity dividend and its benefits for Howard County
  • create an integrated network that provides resources to help residents with encore life options
  • provide the spark that links encore-age adults to each other
  • partner with Howard County organizations to promote and strengthen existing programs and develop new initiatives.

Elizabeth, an educator and founding Encore Network member, and Mary, a financial planner, launched Encore Howard County in 2018. As long-time residents, they knew the county had a growing retiree population interested in contributing to their community.  Pat, a former government executive and nonprofit leader, joined them in 2019. Read their bios here.

Register for the April 25 program and get more details here. Contact the team here.

Published: April 16, 2019