For every encore program, our website is our face to the world. Encore Boston Network just launched its updated website, and it’s worth a look.

Board Chair Doug Dickson said, “Our objective was to create a cleaner design, easy to navigate and find things. We also added new language that conveys our message more clearly and builds on Reframing Aging communications suggestions.

We had two other goals: to create a clearer online pathway for encore seekers to understand their options and connect with opportunities, and to create a pathway for organizations (encore makers) to understand the value of and engage adults 50+. This version of the website takes us in those directions, but we have more to do.”

Doug added, “We want to create a front-end experience that enables encore seekers to better select their options and make better informed decisions about which are likely to be good fits. And we want to make the process as simple and ‘frictionless’ as possible, to quote Cincinnati encore leader Craig Young, founder of Inspiring Service. That website contain some of the features we want to incorporate. We aspire to buttress information with stories, testimonials and other content that engages readers at a gut level. Finding the balance between ‘head’ and ‘heart’ is what we’re aiming for.”

Doug welcomes your comments and would love to hear from others who are thinking about or feel they’ve made progress on these topics. Contact him here.

Published: April 23, 2018