You want to make the most of your Network membership: fast-forwarding to the information you need, finding out who’s doing what and learning with colleagues. The new Network Facebook Group gives you the power to connect and share your news. You need a Facebook account to participate, or you can connect through your organization’s Facebook page. You’ll answer three questions, we’ll approve you within 24 hours, and you’ll be all set.

We’ve recruited leaders from across the Network to welcome you and keep the content fresh, including  Janine Vanderburg (Changing the Narrative Colorado), Bevan Rogel (Encore Tampa Bay), Clint Wilkins (Resilient Aging Lab), Elizabeth Mahler (Encore Howard County and Northeastern University), Emily McDonald (NCOA Aging Mastery Program) and Susan Collins (The Transition Network).

What’s happening in the group? A business case for hiring older workers, a 30 country poll on how people of all ages view aging and a link to Old School, a clearinghouse of anti-ageism resources. Sign up now, then check out the posts and tell us your news.

Comments? Contact Janine Vanderburg:

Published: March 11, 2019