Connect with leading researchers Christina Matz-Costa, MSW, PhD and Cal Halvorsen, MSW, PhD of the Boston College Center on Aging & Work to learn about their recent projects and the Center’s work. They’ll provide a guided tour of the Center’s new website and highlight two studies:

  • Engaged as we Age: which researched the impact of engagement — in continued work, in volunteer activities, in informal helping, and in caregiving for family members and friends — on the mental and physical health of older people. Practitioner David Guydan, who’s using the research findings in a new Boston-area program, will discuss that research with Tina.
  • Diversity of Interest in Later Life Entrepreneurship – revealing  an “opportunity gap” — in which becoming an entrepreneur is easier for some than for others. Practitioner David Nelson, who transitioned from an IBM career to leading roles in nonprofits teaching entrepreneurship, will share his real-world experience in conversation with Cal.

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Published: August 20, 2019