encore leaders for collective impact


adults 50+ for social change


our longer lives into an asset

A world that views experienced adults as an invaluable human resource for improving our communities.

To create this future:

  • The Network connects leaders for learning, action and impact, and provides resources to expand and enhance members’ work.
  • Our members engage adults 50+ through proven practices and innovation.
  • Together, we transform stereotyped view of aging throughout the US and globally.

We view the world’s rapidly aging population as an opportunity – an experience dividend for solving significant social problems. Our members work on the ground to make this vision a reality for more people in more places. The Network connects small and large organizations and new and longstanding leaders from different geographies, constituencies and missions.

Core Values

  • We connect around shared interests while also pursuing our individual missions.
  • We create win-wins through collaboration.
  • We leverage local ideas globally and global ideas locally.
  • We value experimentation and learning.
  • We view our variations in program and focus as a strength; good ideas can come from anywhere in the Network.

Our Story

The Encore Network has grown from an ad hoc group of early-stage innovators to a significant force in the encore movement. Launched in 2011, its development has been supported by Encore.org and the deep experience and commitment of Network members.

From 2014 to 2016, the Network expanded across the U.S. and globally. Key successes included:

  • Raising member visibility through our online program map, Network newsletter, social media support and relationships with journalists.
  • Connecting encore programs through working groups, conference sessions, newsletters and webinars.
  • Creating resources, including the Encore Talent Works toolkit, diversity resource, metrics resource, the Encore Impact Study (2015) and Network member resource exchange.  
  • Fostering collective action with a shared perspective and strong representation in 2015 White House Conference on Aging regional forums.

In 2017, the Network’s development includes a new membership program with enhanced benefits and opportunities for participants. Encore.org continues to sponsor the Encore Network as a key element of its movement-building mission.

Our Leadership   

Betsy Werley leads the Encore Network. She joined Encore.org in 2013 after her first encore as Executive Director of The Transition Network. Betsy spent 26 years as a corporate lawyer and a business executive at JPMorgan Chase. Her experience as President of the Financial Women’s Association was the catalyst for her move to the nonprofit sector; Betsy continues there in a volunteer role, leading the FWA’s Baruch College mentoring program.

Our work is guided by a dedicated leadership team of Network members:


Member Spotlights



EngAGE changes lives by transforming affordable senior and multigenerational apartment communities into vibrant centers of learning, wellness and creativity.

The Oasis Institute

The Oasis Institute

Oasis promotes healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement. Participants build social connections and find new ways to serve their communities and make the most of this time of life.

Encore Boston Network

Encore Boston Network

More than 50 nonprofits, employers, program operators, matchmakers, government agencies, advocates, academics, journalists & others join together to strengthen communities in Eastern Massachusetts by engaging the talents of adults 50+.

Find members in your community or area of interest