As Encore Network members, you’re leading your own projects, and also interested in what’s happening around the world. The Pass It On Network’s monthly newsletter is a great resource to learn what leading global organizations are doing, as well as country-specific updates. The March issue has a wealth of valuable articles including

  • The World Health Organization’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Aging and Health, a four year effort to prepare for the 2020 to 2030 Decade of Healthy Aging
  • Kenya’s launch of a pension plan for people age 70+, one of the only old-age pensions in Africa
  • Digital inclusion in the City of London – an assessment and recommendations
  • Hawai’i encore leader Cullen Hayaskida shares the concept of “Ikigai”, an integral part of healthy aging

Kudos to Pass It On Network leads Moira Allan and Jan Hively for their skill at connecting and reporting from countries that usually aren’t on our radar.

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Published: March 15, 2018